• Stay on the road and off the shoulder. There are rattlesnakes, sand‐burrs and cactus
    on the shoulders and in the ditches. If you have to step onto the shoulder or into the
    ditch, watch your step carefully.
  • Do NOT cross the right‐of‐way fence under any circumstances.
  • Watch for snakes on the road. They may be sunning themselves at that hour of the
    morning. Do not pick up a snake to see if it is a rattler or a bull snake!
  • Watch and listen for vehicles. There will be some traffic on the road.
  • NO headphones. This is a one‐lane road, and you must be able to hear approaching vehicles. (In the past we’ve allowed headphones, but we are not allowing them any longer.)
  • No strollers.
  • No pets.
  • Run on the LEFT side of the road.
  • Do NOT run more than two across. The road is windy, and vehicles may be hard to see until the last moment.
  • Run single file around blind corners and over hills.
  • Mile Markers: Each mile will be marked with signs and yellow paint on the road. Watch for those markers if you are concerned about your split times. There will not be volunteers at the mile markers calling out splits.
  • Water Stations: At least every 3 miles. Most will have attendants, but if you see a cooler beside the road without an attendant, please feel free to stop and open it (though we’ll try to keep them open) and grab yourself a cold water or Gatorade.
  • Do not pour bottled water on your head! Other runners will need water too. We don’t have enough for you to use it other than to drink.
  • SPECTATORS: To protect the safety of our runners and preserve the unique and remote race experience, we strongly discourage spectators from watching on the race course, which requires driving past the runners. If you want to watch the runners on the course, please volunteer for an Aid Station. Otherwise, please watch your friends and family as they finish the Sandhills Marathon.

Bring and wear SUNSCREEN. Again, there is not much shade!